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Workation at Gut Fergitz am See
From January to March we let our apartments for Workation. Work and Vacation on one spot. Getting the work/life balance organized.

We have special prices for bookings from Monday to Friday. Arrival  on Sunday from 7pm or Monday. Departure at 12am on Friday , or you book the weekend in addition.


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Gut Fergitz

Fergitz lies in the northern part of the Uckermark, a terminal moraine landscape of hills and lakes within the Ecosphere Preserve Schorfheide-Chorin. Our apartments overlook the western banks of the Upper Uckersee, which is one of the two largest lakes in the region – the largest being the Lower Uckersee.

Fergitz is just 7 km from the Autobahn A11 or from the regional train station Seehausen, so you can get here in just over an hour coming from Berlin. The bicycle trail Berlin-Usedom runs along the eastern bank of the Upper Uckersee.
Gut Fergitz belonged to the estate of the von Arnim family until 1945, where it served as a working farms under the oversight of the Schloss Suckow.

In GDR times, the farm formed a part of the LPG (agricultural production cooperative) Kaakstedt. In 2001, the ruins of the farmhouse and surrounding land and buildings were acquired by the architect Ferdinand von Hohenzollern and the artist Ilona Kálnoky who have since gradually renovated and re-planned the estate. Landscaping was done by Kálnoky Wood Landscape Design.

The vacation apartments built on the Gut Fergitz farm enjoy a unique view over the Upper Uckersee and the wreath of reeds protecting the lake. A bathing area, "Karl Flach," lies just a hundred meters away.
A part of the property is used privately by the Hohenzollern family. The Big Barn next to their house hosts cultural events such as the UM Festival (see "Art").

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