Art 2021 - 2022

We are glad to present artwork of different artists in the Gut Fergitz apartments.Some of the artists participated in past UM-Festivals, others are located in the Uckermark region.

Maybe you are interested in some of the artists. You will find the artist's catalogues in the apartments, the names are linked to their websites.

All of the artworks can be purchased. The folders contain the pricelists.

Art Guide Brandenburg Where About Now - 2020

saskia wendland 01

Saskia Wendland

PD 4

Paula Doepfner

IK 3

Ilona Kalnoky

FHF HP rudolf borkenhagen 2

Rudolf Borkenhagen

FHF homepage badel sarbach

Flurina Badel & Jérémy Salbach (Edition UM18)


Courtesy Artist


UM Festival for contemporary art, music, and literature

UM21 A Low

UM21 - Antonia Low, Schattenornament

UM16 sonja alhäuser dennis feddersen

UM16 - Sonja Alhäuser "Die Uckermark-Spur" und Dennis Feddersen "Egotheater"

david moises 2

UM14 - David Moises - Wobbel

m. balka

UM12 - Miroslaw Balka - A way a lone a last a loved a long the

The UM Festival has taken place once every two years since 2008 in and around the villages of Fergitz, Pinnow, and Sternhagen Gut. The festival was initiated by a group of residents active in the arts, who founded a circle of friends, the Verein der Freunde der Uckermark e.V., in order to promote exchange between city and country. Their efforts resulted in a three-day festival, which offers a diverse program of art, music, and literature in a non-urban environment to a growing base of fans.
The UM Festival now attracts more than 1000 visitors and has established itself as one of the most important items on the cultural calendar of Brandenburg.
Some of the works selected for the festival will be exhibited on the Gut Fergitz. In addition, a regional market will be set up in front of the Big Barn.


UM12 - Cristian Niculescu plays John Cage in the Big Barn

rejiro wada

UM10 - Rejiro Wada - Isola


UM08 - fmsw - Die Welt von Null aus gesehen - Ein Rundblick